Opera 101

When opera meets the clown...
Opera 101’s cheeky musicians present a burlesque musical show mixing opera and comedy, in which they break down one by one every operatic cliché through musical choreography, play on words and tongue twisters.  In this concert, Mozart, Michael Jackson, Bizet, Edith Piaf and Gounod enjoy each other’s company with an exhilarating laugh, worthy of a Traviata chorus.  Everyone is welcome to this hilariously eccentric opera served with a touch of TED talk!

Credit : Olivier Hardy

Original concept: Charlotte Gagnon and Laurence Lambert-Chan
Mezzo-soprano: Charlotte Gagnon
Pianist: Laurence Lambert-Chan
Texts: Pascal Blanchet
Stage direction: Maya Gobeil
Costumes: Leïlah Dufour-Forget
Lighting design: Étienne Mongrain